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Latest news:

January 22, 2008:
New pricing for residential clients now available. Please call for details.

June 7, 2007:
Demonstration filter temporarily offline. An updated version of the demonstration filter will be available soon . . .



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Futura GTS Internet Filtering System

Would you like to protect your family from the dangers and temptations on the internet? Now you have access to a reliable filter that will prevent access to websites and downloads that don't match what you'd like your family to see.

The Futura GTS Internet Filter is a box that sits between your High Speed Internet connection and your computer(s). This system intercepts and controls all web site and Peer to Peer (Kazaa, LimeWire) traffic, monitoring its content using several automatic systems. Any traffic that is identified as inappropriate is automatically blocked.

If you run a business, similar filtering technology can be installed to control Internet use there. ClarkConnect Premium PartnerThe filter will increase employee productivity by reducing access to web sites that are inappropriate or not work related. Exposure to spyware and viruses can also be reduced. It can even be configured to only allow access to a limited set of business web sites for some or all of your employees.

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