Futura GTS Internet Filter


Latest news:

January 22, 2008:
New pricing for residential clients now available. Please call for details.

June 7, 2007:
Demonstration filter temporarily offline. An updated version of the demonstration filter will be available soon . . .


Detailed Information

This page is under construction. Please see the downloads page for the detailed information about the filter in PDF format.

Web Site Filtering Categories

The filter comes with a comprehensive list of categorized websites. These lists can be used either to block sites of that category or to expressly allow all sites in the category. An example of this is that you may want to block all websites in the adult category, but allow all sites in the news category.

  • ads - Advert servers and banned URLs
  • adult - Sites containing adult material such as swearing but not porn
  • artnudes - Art sites containing artistic nudity
  • banking - Banking websites
  • beerliquorinfo - Sites with information only on beer or liquors
  • cellphones - stuff for mobile/cell phones
  • chat - Sites with chat rooms etc
  • dating - Sites about dating
  • dialers - Sites with dialers such as those for pornography or trojans
  • drugs - Drug related sites
  • ecommerce - Sites that provide online shopping
  • entertainment - Sites that promote movies, books, magazine, humor
  • gambling - Gambling sites including stocks and shares
  • hacking - Hacking/cracking information
  • instantmessaging - Sites that contain messenger client download and web-based messaging sites
  • jobsearch - Sites for finding jobs
  • kidstimewasting - Sites kids often waste time on
  • mail - Webmail and email sites
  • naturism - Sites that contain nude pictures and/or promote a nude lifestyle
  • news - News sites
  • onlineauctions - Online auctions
  • onlinegames - Online gaming sites
  • onlinepayment - Online payment sites
  • personalfinance - Personal finance sites
  • phishing - Sites attempting to trick people into giving out private information.
  • porn - Pornography
  • proxy - Sites with proxies to bypass filters
  • radio - non-news related radio and television
  • religion - Sites promoting religion
  • searchengines - Search engines such as google
  • sexuality - Sites dedicated to sexuality, possibly including adult material
  • sports - All sport sites
  • spyware - Sites who run or have spyware software to download
  • updatesites - Sites where software updates are downloaded from including virus sigs
  • vacation - Sites about going on holiday
  • violence - Sites containing violence
  • virusinfected - Sites who host virus infected files
  • warez - Sites with illegal pirate software
  • weather - Weather news sites and weather related
  • weapons - Sites detailing or selling weapons
  • webmail - Just webmail sites