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What the DansGuardian Blocking Messages really mean.

Banned Site: http://www.website.com

The entire website you attempted to visit has been banned. This occurs when the entire website at the domain is known to contain pornography, webmail or another category of blocked sites.


Banned URL: http://www.website.com/folder/bannedurl/

DansGuardian can block specific parts of a site rather than the whole site. So if you access a website and get this error, that means that:

http://www.website.com is probably good
http://www.website.com/folder/bannedurl/ is regarded as bad.

Weighted Phrase Limit has been Exceeded

DansGuradian has lists of words and phrases categorized into different sections - pornography, chat, webmail, news, virusinfected etc. Each word or phrase is given a value that is either positive or negative and the values are added up. The higher the page scores, the more likely that page is to be blocked. Phrases to do with good subjects will have negative values, and bad subjects will have positive values. Once the preset limit is reached for a user, the page is blocked.

You can see in the details what your limit is (the first number) and the value assigned to the blocked page (the second number). You can also see what words or phrases and word combinations resulted in the page being blocked.

The format is as follows:

Weighted phrase limit of 50 : 100 (badword+badword+badword+-goodword+badword)
Note that the goodwords have a ”-” (negative symbol) in front of them.

Banned Regular Expression URL

The website address (URL) that you were attempting to visit has words or phrases in it that have been blocked. For example if DansGuardian is configured to block all URLs containing the word “proxy” then the following websites would be blocked:


Your IP address is not allowed to web browse

An IP address is basically the identification number assigned to a computer for accessing networks and the internet. If you receive the message that your IP address is not allowed to web browse, it means that the network administrator has disabled web browsing for your computer. If you move to another computer you may be allowed to browse the web.

Your username is not allowed to web browse: "username"

If you receive this message it means that the network administrator has disabled web browsing for your username. You have been denied access to browsing the web. No matter what computer you use to log in, you will be denied access to websites. (The actual “username” is presented as part of the message.)

(It may also mean the request was assigned to the default filter group f1, and that group is not configured to allow any web browsing at all. One reason this can happen is if “username” is unknown to DansGuardian because it was inadvertently omitted from the configuration. Another reason this can happen is if the “auth” configuration in DansGuardian is incomplete so all requests are understood as being from incompletely identified users.)

Banned Phrase found: virtual casino

The website you were attempting to visit contains one or more banned words or phrases. Because of this, DansGuardian has blocked the page. Note that you can see what words or combinations of words were found. (The actual phrase [“virtual casino” in this example] is presented as part of the message.)

Banned MIME Type: application/zip

MIME types are identifiers that indicate what kind of information is included in a file. For example the MIME type “application/zip” indicates that the file being downloaded is a compressed zip file. If you get this message it means that your network administrator has blocked the MIME type for the file you are trying to download. (The actual mime type [“application/zip” in this example] is presented as part of the message.)

Banned extension: .exe

<p>DansGuardian has a list of banned file extensions that can be blocked. If a URL ends in an extension that is in this list, DansGuardian will block it. For example if the administrator has blocked the extension ”.exe” then if you try to download a file such as “game.exe” your download will be blocked. (The actual filename extension [”.exe” in this example] is presented as part of the message.)


Not tested.