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Grey... vs. Exception...

The grey… files and the exception… files in DansGuardian are both used to override decisions that would otherwise ban listed webpages. They're very similar …but not identical.

By putting some of your exceptions in one set of files and others in the other set of files, you have more control over DansGuardian's behavior.

(Neither file affects virus checking, which if configured is done on all delivered webpages regardless.)

(Note that DansGuardian uses the British spelling grey, not the American spelling gray.)

Grey... Files

The webpages listed in the grey… files (greysitelist and greyurllist in 2.10) skip site (domain/host), path, and regular expression checks, but still do the “content” check.

If you want to see a webpage -unless it contains objectionable content such as proscribed phrases- list it in these files.

Exception... Files

The webpages listed in the exception… files such as exceptionsitelist and exceptionurllist skip all the checks, including skipping the “content” check.

If you want to see a webpage -even if it has content such as proscribed phrases that would otherwise be banned- list it in these files.

Diagnostic Tip

If you've made a change and it isn't behaving the way you want and you can't figure out what's going on, there's a better way than guessing or futzing: look in the log!

The logfile, probably named something like /var/log/dansguardian/access.log, contains a wealth of information.