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Since DansGuardian is an application that runs on almost any Unix-like operating system, it can be incorporated into many distributions and products. These range from full distributions like Red-Hat and Solaris to specialized firewalls and gateways like Smoothwall, ClarkConnect and others. Here is a list of products known to use DansGuardian as their filtering engine.


These are products that include support of some kind or other. Usually they include DansGuardian within some type of firewall software package to be installed on a PC or they come bundled as part of a security appliance.

Software Packages

Smoothwall Products website This product is the “day job” of the DansGuardian developer and is the only commercial software using DansGuardian technology that is officially endorsed.

  • SmoothGuardian (module for Corporate or Advanced Firewall)
  • Corporate Guardian (standalone filtering proxy)
  • ClarkConnect Enterprise Edition website
  • NetSentron website

Hardware Appliances


If you have a problem with the DansGuardian portion of any of the above, use the support channels provided by or suggested by the vendor.


These are community-based projects that include DansGuardian as part of the firewall or server installation package. Usually commercial support is not available.

Full Distributions

Unofficial Add-ons for Full Distributions

  • Cop+ DansGuardian Add-on for IP-Cop website
  • Installing DansGuardian on Smoothwall Express website


Each of the above provides or suggests their own support channels for included or added applications derived from DansGuardian.

1) Coming 1st Quarter 2009