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Where To Get It

There are several places to obtain DansGuardian, usually from your distribution's official and unofficial repositories.

:!:Make sure you read and agree with the License and Copyright before you download the software. If you are charging for software installation or using this software commercially, then you should pay for a license!

Download Locations

First check the usual repositories for your distribution for a pre-built package. If the usual package for your distribution doesn't meet your version requirements (less common than in the past), next look for “alpha/beta/test/development/experimental” or “unofficial” repositories for your distribution.

If you still can't find anything satisfactory, you may be able to download either the source or compiled packages for various operating systems at various places such as the Dag Wieers collection (or the following page). (You may instead prefer to use the compiled packages available from the usual archive for your distribution.)

Note for the 2.10 series there are no Patches or Patched Versions for DansGuardian. Instructions for some earlier versions of DansGuardian said: For Patches and Patched versions go to Patches and Hacks.

Special Distributions

A pre-configured version of DansGuardian is available as the Cop+ addition to the IPCop distribution. (It would be very difficult to install DansGuardian onto an IPCop system directly instead of using the Cop+ package.) That DansGuardian is very closely integrated into IPCop, so much so that making manual configuration changes to DansGuardian can break things without giving you clear error messages telling you what's wrong. People who aren't experienced linux system admins should stick with the functions provided by the Cop+ Web GUI. Cop+ is available here: http://home.earthlink.net/~copplus

An unsupported homebrew package derived from DansGuardian is available for SmoothWall Express. A good source for assistance with packages added to SmoothWall Express is http://community.smoothwall.org/forum/

Several of SmoothWall's commercial products inlude a web filter similar to DansGuardian. For assistance with these, contact the reseller you purchased the base product from. Or if you bought directly from SmoothWall, investigate https://support.smoothwall.net/

New To Linux

Become familiar with Linux before attempting to set up a DansGuardian web filter for a whole network (or any other production use):

  1. Choose the distribution that DansGuardian (and other servers) will ultimately use.
  2. Install the chosen Linux distribution on your own computer on your own desktop.
  3. Use the Linux system routinely and constantly to become very familiar with both its maintenance tools and its administration procedures.

DansGuardian on Linux is not rocket science. But it's not incredibly user-friendly either, and it's not an excellent place to start out. Perhaps installing and maintaining DansGuardian even though you're not yet familiar with Linux should be restricted to nerd geniuses only.

Building From Source

Sometimes you won't be able to locate and use a package, and will instead need to build DansGuardian from source. (This situation is not common, but it does happen every so often.) Possible reasons for building from source include:

  • nothing even close to desired version available anywhere as a pre-built package
  • all available pre-built packages used different ./configure options which won't work in your environment
  • you wish to “modify” the source
  • you need an unusual combination of features which isn't readily available
  • you cannot tolerate the usual distribution “lag”, instead you insist on running the “very latest” version (very useful for some other applications, but of limited value with DansGuardian)
  • make it as easy as possible to get help with a problem (seldom really necessary with DansGuardian)
  • construct a package that will be included in a Linux distribution
  • construct a package to add to an “unofficial” Linux distribution repository

The complete source code is available as a tarball from the DansGuardian website. Most systems already have almost everything necessary to build DansGuardian from source (glibc, autoconf, gcc, make, etc.). You may need to also obtain: i) the “zlib” build (runtime is probably already there) package and ii) the PCRE build (runtime is probably already there) package.

If you are replacing an existing version (perhaps an earlier one from your distribution), it's important to replicate the exact same build configuration. Do not rely on the “defaults”. The “defaults” cannot encompass the wide variation from one distribution to the next.

To replicate an existing build configuration exactly:

  1. execute dansguardian -v using the old version, capture the exact output in a file, and print it.
  2. in the ./configure step when building the new DansGuardian, enter all the options and values (especially the paths) exactly as they were output by the previous version