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DansGuardian Wiki Style Guide

In order to keep text consistent on the Wiki we request that you follow guidelines in this style guide. Please keep the following in mind:

  • Not everyone reading your work will be an IT professional, so use your discretion to break down or explain concepts.
  • Since this is non-commercial please refrain from recommending specific manufacturers or products.
  • Look over your work after you have created it to make sure that it flows and is easy to follow.
  • Remember that others can (and will) edit, modify and improve on your work.

As a rule:

  • Except where obvious to all, please use full words for an acronym the first time you use it in a document.
  • Please use British spelling as much as possible.
  • User proper grammar.

Please title your page with a H1 title that matches the overall topic of the page. Thereafter use H3 and H4 titles to split up your content.

Level 1 Headline

This is a brief introduction to the content below.

Level 2 Headline

Here you would start explaining the concept.

Level 3 Headline

If you require additional breakdown of the topic feel free to use additional headings.